I am Satya, CEO of Contel Convergence Technologies, a 25-year-old organization offering Voice and Conferencing Solutions. I am a member of Azure Chapter of CBDB region of Chennai.Its wonderful 5 years at BNI, Azure for me. What started as just a curiosity is now become a Passion.BNI is now a part of my business not apart. The value proposition of BNI membership for me is beyond just business. BNI is world’s best business support system and best place to do business the referrals way. Personally, for me BNI is a Leadership Management School. Various roles I have done in BNI brought the very best of me.

There are so many But For BNI moments in my business its difficult to list them in a short testimonial.

In simple words its difficult to imagine my business without BNI.


- Chief Executive Officer
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Bni has changed my business and my life over the past 2 years by bringing 50 lakhs additional business. From my regular business alone, it is a 200% growth.

My business has grown from a 3-member team to 14 members now. We have expanded to 3 showrooms in Chennai and making an overall turnover of 2 crores. All thanks to BNI for the wonderful path it showed me and for the great uplift.

S. Prem Chandar

- Propritor-SG Fashions, Corporate Gifts – BNI Futurz Chapter, Chennai. Member for 2 years.

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