Somewhere in January 2011, my friend called me and told something that I did not understand at that point in time as that discussion will change my thinking process and the way I look at my architectural practice and doing business. Just trusted him and went ahead with meeting him to discuss about a BNI membership.
I was thinking, whether am embarking on something that is going to be a journey or adventure. Every turn that I took since then in the journey was full of surprises. Surprises that made the journey into a full time adventure. Which one surprise do I credit the most?
Is it the power of this simple business template given by BNI?
Is it the power of world class training curriculum?
Is it the power of very strong learning platform called BNI University?
Is it the power of BNI podcasts?
Is it the power of weekly BNI meetings?
Is it the power of a 121?
Is it the power of being accountable to myself?
Is it the power of BNI core values?
Is it the power of BNI’s lifelong relationships?
Is it the power of achieving our business goals through BNI systems and process? Is it the power of making BNI part of our business?
Coming to think of it every above surprise contributed to an enriching business journey. What do I feel through, is that just everything mattered in the journey. Nothing happened or going to happen in isolation in this.
Ten (years) is just a number. Not a milestone. I needn’t be looking at it as long or short. It’s all the game of the mind. The real milestones that I should be looking at is what I have accomplished in these ten years as a person or as a professional or as a business owner or as a member of BNI or as all of the above. I think will go with the last one ‘all of the above’.
Thank you BNI for paving this adventure and being my guiding light in my business and life journey. And I am waiting for the next surprise!!
Happily networked Satta!!
Sattanathan L
BNI Chennai CBD (B) | BNI Azure

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